A downloadable Tool for Windows

Constructive is a tool to interact with OpenScad models both "physically" and symbolically. It uses the Leap Motion to enable to direct "physical" interaction and can optionally support the Oculus Rift for a true feeling of presence.

This build will only run on Windows with a moderate to high powered graphics card with DirectX 11 support. The combination of VR and doing constructive solid geometry on the GPU means that this app will always push GPU requirements.

This is a Tech Demo of some interesting interaction ideas. It is extremely far from a complete tool or game. Nevertheless, this is my entry in the Leap Motion 3d Jam. The new 0.1 version has been updated with minor texture tweaks and the important hotfix from Leap to help improve HMD interactions for Unity apps.

Install instructions

Requires an Oculus Rift with a headset mounted LeapMotion controller. It also requires Windows with DirectX 11. Otherwise, it is a very normal unity game install.


Constructive0.1.zip 32 MB